Celebrating 10 years of community support

2019 marked the 10th anniversary of Realise charity. During this time people have achieved great things, communities have come together and we’ve opened up doors for people across Staffordshire. Here are 10 amazing stories of the people and communities we’ve supported.


Jan’s story

“I couldn’t open jars and stuff like that. But I actually opened a jar when my grandson was here the other day without asking him first.”

Jan, 66, was struggling to open jars and get up out of chairs before joining chair-based exercise classes funded by Realise. The sessions focused on gentle tasks such as standing on one leg, how far you could lean to the side and strength exercises. Jan used to have to wait for family members to visit so they could assist her with everyday tasks.


Dave’s story

“This new bike is brilliant. I wouldn’t have been able to get to work without the help of Realise and PM Training.”

When Dave, 17, from Milton was starting a new work trial with Brown’s Waste he was up against it. He had no transport and lived over 40 minutes away. Realise charity was able to utilise its barriers fund to arrange a new bike and helmet for Dave to use.


A mother’s story

A mother who lost her business and was struggling with mental health was given a lifeline following financial hardship.

Having been a single mum, she was trying to support her two young sons, 10 and 17, and was struggling. She had always worked – owning her own business – but sadly, due to the circumstances, she lost her business and fell into financial hard times.


Kayleigh’s story

“If it wasn’t for Realise charity, I wouldn’t have kept on top of my workload at home and I wouldn’t have been able to progress onto university.”

Mum of three, Kayleigh, was struggling during 2014 to complete her education whilst studying towards a Psychology course at college. It was difficult for her to complete coursework and she asked for help to find extra money to buy essential computer equipment.


Callum’s story

“They helped me with a toolkit and money for driving lessons. I passed my test and now I’ve got my car to get to work”.

Whilst learning trade skills at PM Training, Callum received a free toolkit funded by Realise to help him in his role as a heating and plumbing apprentice. Alongside this, support for driving lessons ensured he was given a great start to his new career.


Tilly’s story

“I’m really looking forward to the day I pass my test. I dream about buying a Golf or an Audi someday.”

17-year-old Tilly Isherwood found the confidence to learn to drive thanks to support from Realise. Back in 2017 she was the 5,000th beneficiary of support from Realise charity.


Michelle’s story

“When we launched the school uniform project, a young boy came up to me and said I look smart because of the school uniform my mum came and got from you – that meant so much.”

Realise charity helped support 150 local families in the area with free, quality school uniforms. This service helped unburden families from financial pressure at the start of the school year.


Ben’s story

“For young people, learning to drive is so expensive. This has been a huge help for me.”

20-year-old apprentice, Ben Webb-Rushton has recently had the success of passing his driving test thanks to the support from Realise charity.


Kyle’s story

“The staff at PM and Realise didn’t give up on me and I’m enjoying my new role and future career prospects.”

16-year-old Kyle Burke had a difficult start to his journey at PM Training but Realise charity stepped in providing a phone and free lunches to help him get back on track.

nic hudson

Nicola’s story

 “Without this funding, I might not have been able to get that position and I may not be where I am today!

Back in 2009, Nicola Hudson became the first apprentice to receive support from Realise. Here she talks about her full-circle journey and the impact Realise has had on her career.