A cycling success story with Dave Thomas

17-year-old Dave Thomas, was struggling to get to work and back living 40 minutes from his place of work. After a request was put forward to Realise charity, Dave got sorted with a new bike and helmet to help ease his journey!

Dave Thomas is a learner from PM Training who has shown strength and determination to succeed. After joining the Homeworks team, Dave showed passion for his work and had really impacted younger and newer members of the team who had joined. He soon became confident and willing to take the next steps with his career.

Despite Dave’s dyslexia, he has accessed extra support during his education sessions and sat the final part of his English speaking and listening Level 1.

Having gained a great position with Browns recycling, Dave was excited to start his new position but was restricted by a long 40 minute walk there and back per day. His shift pattern started at 4.00am which meant he was having to walk for a long time before his shift had even started.

A request was put over to the Realise charity for a push bike and a helmet to aid Dave on his journey to work and back every day. This was received and Dave was on his way halving his journey time! This is a great success story and shows the great support network for young people provided by PM Training and the Realise charity.

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