A guide to Gift Aid

Did you know? Gift Aid is a simple and effective way of giving money to a charity. In a nutshell, if you donate through Gift Aid it means that ourselves and other charities or community amateur sports clubs can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. A 25% increase in the value of your donation. You just need to pay income or capital gains tax in the UK.

Think of this as every £1 you donate to Realise charity, we receive an extra 25p without you paying any extra.

If all of our donations included Gift Aid, we could help support so many more people in our communities.




Am I eligible for Gift Aid?

If you are a UK tax payer, yes. Even if you are not employed, you are still eligible if you are paying tax on any of the following:

– Personal or occupational pension

– Stocks and shares

– Bank and building society savings accounts

– Rental income

– Overseas and UK investment dividends.

Higher-rate taxpayers 

It is slightly different for higher-rate taxpayers. As a higher rate taxpayer, you’ll pay 40% tax as standard. You can claim back the difference between the tax rate you pay (40%) and the basic rate on your donation (20%).

So for example, if you donate £100 to Realise charity, under Gift Aid, we will get £125 of that donation. Whilst YOU can claim back £25 (£125 x 20%).

Gift Aid allows us as a charity to earn 25% more thanks to your help, whilst allowing you to claim back too. Win-win!


So what do you need to do next? 

All you need to do is next time you donate, keep ticking the ‘Gift Aid’ box when using our Virgin Money Giving link, and we will continue to claim back additional money from your donation.

Gift Aid is really important to us and other charities across the UK, it means we can help more people at no extra cost to you. Each time an eligible taxpayer donates and forgets to tick the Gift Aid box, we lose out.


Top Questions

1. I’m not from the UK, can I still donate with Gift Aid? 

Sadly not, Gift Aid is only for UK taxpayers.


2. I’m unemployed, can I still donate with Gift Aid? 

If you are out of work you may not be able to donate with Gift Aid as you will need to have paid as much tax in that financial year as a charity needs to claim back.


3. I’m a pensioner, can I still donate with Gift Aid?

You might not be able to, although if you do have savings and pay income or capital gains tax of an equal or higher amount than we are trying to claim, you may be able to donate with Gift Aid.

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