A helping hand from Realise charity

16-year-old Josh Botham, sadly got his beloved moped stolen from outside his house. This massively restricted him being able to travel to and from his workplace, relying on family members and public transport. 

Josh is a gardening apprentice at Country Grounds Services in Stoke-on-Trent. He saved up for a long time to be able to afford his moped and when it got stolen from outside his house he was devastated.

When the staff at PM Training heard about Josh’s moped getting stolen, they contacted Realise charity to see what they could do. Realise charity stepped in by providing Josh with a second-hand moped to help him get to work and back.

“It was really difficult getting to and from work, I don’t know what I would have done without the support from Realise.”

PM Training, learner services co-ordinator, Gabby Knight said: “I was heartbroken when I heard about Josh’s moped. I knew we needed to do something straight away. Seeing his face when he went to collect it was something I will never forget. Realise charity really do help change the lives of young people, he has worked so hard and truly deserved this.”

Each year, Realise invests over £20,000 to help more than 150 young people overcome barriers to employment.