Volunteer Support: Covid 19

Working in partnership with Staffordshire County Council, we were proud to lead on the Covid Support Network for Newcastle-under-Lyme. We have had huge support from volunteers in the local area helping vulnerable people from dog walking, prescription pick-ups, food parcel deliveries and more.

Cycling for Realise: Coast 2 Coast Challenge

Our team of volunteers riding in our Coast 2 Coast Challange are helping to raise money for Realise charity to help us continue to support people in our communities. Our riders are cycling for 140 miles locally – a challenge that has been reimagined due to the challenges of Covid.

2019 Darts Event

PM Training’s Steve Rushton, organised a Darts Event with the help of Bucknall Ex Servicemans Club. The event was a huge success with a many local businesses taking part raising over £12,000 for Realise charity.

Shrewsbury Prison Learner Enrichment Trip

Learners at PM Training have experienced an amazing day out at Shrewsbury Prison! This trip was funded by Realise charity and gave many learners great insight into what a working prison was like.

Water Pump in May Bank

This water pump, located in the heart of May Bank symbolises how running water in the household was once considered a luxury. The original water pump is just a stones throw away from this Artworks piece and was a focal point in the community.

Bicycles in Newcastle-under-Lyme

PM Training’s Artworks team have created an amazing series of bicycles in memory of ex-councillor and Aspire Board Member, Brian Tomkins. The project was funded by Realise charity.

School Uniform Event

Realise charity have joined with Aspire Housing to provide support to local families in the Silverdale area. Realise charity donated £500 towards new school uniforms.

Realise Charity Ball

On 24th May 2019, we held our Realise charity ball! The ball was a 10-year celebration of the Realise charity.

Learner Enrichment Trips

Realise charity support learner enrichment trips, allowing learners at PM Training to experience independent travel and visit places such as London and Liverpool!