Apprentice is 5,000th person supported by Realise

Tilly Isherwood - 5000th person supported by Realise

17-year-old Tilly Isherwood is getting ready for her driving theory test. She has an app on her phone which tests hazard perceptions, and she’s practicing every night.

She said: “I started my apprenticeship at Aspire Housing about a year ago and my mum drops me off and picks me up every day. But if I could pass my driving test it would give me more freedom, and I’d be able to nip to the shops without having to ask for a lift all the time.”

Tilly, from Chesterton, is a business admin apprentice in the Aspire Housing’s asset management team. Setting goals is part of her NVQ qualification, and learning to drive was top of the list.

She is the 5000th beneficiary of support from the Realise charity which provides support and funding to break down employment barriers.

She said: “My assessor mentioned there’s financial support for young apprentices who would like to learn to drive.

“I’d been putting it off because my family had a few financial pressures. So the £100 from the Realise Charity helped me get started with four lessons.”

Realise charity provides £250 funding towards driving tuition with 55 people supported over the past 12 months.

Tilly continued: “I’m really looking forward to the day I pass my test, I dream about buying a Golf or an Audi some day, but my mum says I’m getting a bit ahead of myself!.

“The driving lessons have taught me to focus and be disciplined. My driving instructor is lovely, we get on really well. I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to learn.”