Realise charity’s Handyperson Service is serving the community

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Realise charity’s Handyman Service has been offering its support for local charities and members of the community. With helping to construct worktops, storage pens, build make-shift offices and more we’ve certainly had our work cut-out!

Realise charity helps to support vulnerable member of our community

Having fallen on hard times, a gentleman from our community needed some support to get him back on his feet. Upon speaking, we managed to get an idea of the gravity of the situation and we teamed up with Team Chatterley Group and it’s team member, Amy Stephens. The gentleman was supported with a range of household items which enabled him to live comfortably.

Finding a support network thanks to Realise charity

A single mum in the local area had lost her business and was suffering from mental health problems. Realise charity stepped in alongside other local charities in the area to help provide school uniform, bedding and money to buy daily essentials.

A cycling success story with Dave Thomas

17 year old Dave Thomas, was struggling to get to work and back living 40 minutes from his place of work. After a request was put forward to Realise charity, Dave got sorted with a new bike and helmet to help ease his journey!

Mum of three receives essential funding to help her complete college

Mum of two, Kayleigh, was struggling during 2014 to complete her education whilst studying towards a Psychology course at college. It was difficult for her complete coursework and asked for help to find extra money to buy essential computer equipment.