Charity Ball celebrating our 10th Anniversary

This year celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Realise charity. During this time, we have been an integral part of the we are aspire family, working with Aspire HousingPM Training and local partners to support over 10,000 people in our communities.

To celebrate the achievements of people in our communities we are delighted to be holding a Charity Ball on Friday 24th May at Keele Hall. The event will bring together business leaders, dignitaries and partners from across Staffordshire to share stories of those that have been supported and to work together to do more.

The evening, held in the prestigious Ball Room at Keele Hall, will celebrate people at the heart of our communities with a special night of food, entertainment and much more.

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we more committed than ever in helping people in our communities across North Staffordshire through skills, jobs and health. By bringing people together and providing practical help, we can build better futures and break down the causes of poverty for generations to come.

Jan, 66, an Aspire Housing resident, was struggling to open jars and get up out of chairs before joining arm-chair exercises classes funded by Realise. The sessions focussed on gentle tasks such as standing on one leg, how far you could lean to the side and strength exercises. Jan used to have to wait for family members to visit so they could assist her with every-day-tasks. She said: “I couldn’t open jars and stuff like that. But I actually opened a jar when my grandson was here the other day without asking him first.”

For more information about our Charity Ball and how to get involved, contact, Hannah Molloy, Corporate Fundraising Manager,, or call 07917070576.