Christmas made extra special thanks to a community partnership

Two local boys will be unwrapping brand new bikes this Christmas, thanks to a generous community donation and support from Realise charity and Aspire Housing.

A shiny new BMX bike was kindly donated this week to longstanding Aspire partner, Holdcroft Heating. The gift came from a community member, who wanted it to go to a child who may not get many presents at Christmas.

A local family with two young boys was identified. The family are currently being supported with financial help. Aspire colleagues from the neighbourhood team have been working closely with the family and realised they would be the ideal choice for the donation.

However, there was one problem. There are two boys in this family, but only one bike. That’s where Realise charity stepped in. We wanted to make this Christmas dream come true, so we bought another brand new bike for the younger brother, using support from the Hardship Fund.

We’re delighted to say that both boys will now have an amazing gift waiting under the tree this year. A truly magical Christmas has been made possible by community partnerships and the Realise charity.