Supporting people to become more independent

Through our funding, people in our communities are able to break down barriers to employment. We support people to be more economically independent through a variety of initiatives that puts employability at its core.

Driving lessons

Our funding supports young apprentices with £250 of driving lessons. Typically, this can help a young person with four lessons – a great way to start learning to drive. Being able to drive when searching for work can open up doors and for many apprentices has meant that important interviews and work locations can be reached.


“For young people, learning to drive is so expensive. The £250 from Realise has been a huge help for me. Passing my test means I’m more independent and don’t spend 4 hours a day travelling to and from work.”

Ben, Marketing Apprentice

Essential support

Being ready for the workplace can be a daunting task. That’s where we help young people with the essential tools and support needed to boost their career.

Providing aspiring apprentices with a first toolkit before their new job, or support with clothing for an interview can mean one less thing for people to worry about. Essential support like this means more than 250 young people each year are able to go into job interviews and jobs with the confidence needed to succeed.


“Realise helped me with a toolkit and money for driving lessons. I passed my test and now I’ve got my car to get to work”

Callum, Gas Engineering apprentice

Helping people boost their CVs

Our funding helps young people to gain essential qualifications needed to progress in their career. We support people with First Aid training, help with obtaining CSCS cards and other qualifications to help with creating sustainable careers for people across Staffordshire.

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“I am on a four-year apprenticeship. It’s a great start to my career and I have had lots of support along the way.”

Joe, Plumbing apprentice

How we’ve helped


young people each year access driving lesson support from Realise


people boost their CVs with support from Realise to gain new qualifications


people over the past 10 years have earned new qualifications

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