Finding a support network thanks to Realise charity

A local mother Sarah, had been in need of support after issues with mental health. Having been a single mum trying to support her two young sons, 10 and 17, she was struggling. Sarah had always worked owning her own business. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, she sadly lost her business and fell into financial hard times.

Support needed

Her youngest Son needed a school uniform. The school had recently changed the uniform completely so everything needed to be replaced. Sarah’s oldest son also required a new sports kit which she was unable to afford.

After contacting the wellbeing team at Aspire Housing, Realise charity was approached for help. Working in collaboration with the Alice Charity and Furniture Mine we were able to support Sarah and her children with school uniforms, sportswear, new beds, mattresses and vouchers from the Foodbank.

Supported through the Hardship Fund

Sarah was also able to buy her eldest son the sports kit he wanted thanks to the hardship fund provided by the Realise charity.

By receiving some financial advice, provided by the Money Advice Service, this allowed her to focus on family life without the pressure of mounting debts. Sarah was able to get back on track with her life, which was a great result.


*Due to the nature of this article the real name of the beneficiary has not been used.

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