Hold up! Here comes the Big Cup!

The Realise charity are funding a fantastic program working with The Alice Charity. The Big Cup Project works with families who may be struggling to find time to spend with children after juggling other things such as bills, putting food on the table and more! The sessions are held in Chesterton, Clayton and Kidsgrove providing much needed social time for both parents and children.

On Wedesday 18th July, The Big Cup project got the chance to hold their first big get together, which was a delightful Teddy Bears Picnic! So after lots of playing and running around in Festival Parks,  all the children had the opportunity to sit together with a sandwich and a drink.

The Realise charity fund the entire Big Cup Project which enables fun activities, tea, coffee and food and more providing a safe and comfortable environment with your children. Parents have the opportunity to gain further help from The Alice Charity if needed and are guaranteed support from the team. The Alice Charity can also help to refer you for additional support in your area if needed.

Danielle Southall, Project Leader states:

“This is the first time we have all got together, the sun is shining and it looks glorious so im really happy! This is such a fantastic event for all the mums present today, it really helps bring everyone together. Having children can often leave you lonely and unable to find time to socialise so we are really grateful to the Realise Foundation. They cover all the costs of the project and have allowed us to make a difference to peoples lives”.

“These sessions are so invaluable for our mums, they bring everyone together into a fun and comfortable environment where they can make friends and so can the children!” – Danielle, Project Leader

Mum and new class holder, Zoe Boardman attended The Alice Charity’s Big Cup Project in Clayton which she has now taken over as of December last year. With daughter Emily, Zoe understands the hardships parents can face and believes the groups have really made a difference for her and Emily.

“Emily was quite clingy so I found it difficult to get her socialising with other children, she has really improved!”

Volunteers like Zoe allow the project to blossom and enable mums to carry forward their experiences and help other parents.