How To Apply For Jobs With Confidence


Even if you’re the most confident person in your group of friends, applying for jobs may send anxiety shooting through you. You wouldn’t be alone; 93% of us feel anxious about job application staples like interviews to such an extent that we fail to apply altogether.


In reality, though, your job hunt relies on your ability to feel that fear and apply anyway. But, if you’re struggling to get past your inner critic to even get the ball rolling on job applications, it’s time that you considered the following key ways to apply with confidence at last.


Always do your research


Job application fears are almost always rooted in the unknown. You don’t know this company, or the people behind it, or even whether you’d enjoy working there. By finding out exactly what that company does/who’s in their existing team, you’ll have a much better idea of the territory you’re about to walk into. That can make the entire application process a lot less daunting. Not to mention that knowledge like this will help you to stand apart in an interview!


As soon as you hear about a job role, then, get online and start finding out what you can. The more you know, the more confidence will likely fill you.


Be honest about your abilities


Job applications are all about selling yourself. A successful application will focus on strengths in key areas, such as experience, qualifications, and more.


This may seem like a simple part of the process, but it’s amazing how much assessing our skills can lead to confidence wobbles. In fact, 78% of job seekers lie on their applications for this exact reason. In reality, though, lying to make yourself look good could make you more nervous as you worry about being interviewed for things you have no understanding of.


By instead being honest both with an employer and yourself about your abilities, you may find that your skills are much broader/more suited than you realised. Even if your CV is patchy right now, being honest about that means you can fill gaps with online courses, volunteer work, and other similar pursuits. Then, you’ll be able to fill a CV with achievements that you’re proud of, and that pride is guaranteed to shine through.


Build your support network


It’s also vital to note that a support network is fundamental during the difficult application process. After all, it isn’t always easy to look after your mental health during this process, and that can leave you feeling less than confident.


But, with a team behind you who can either help or give you a mental booster, you’ll find it much easier to sustain the levels of happiness and confidence necessary to send that CV at last.


Your friends and family will prove invaluable for this purpose, and our team here at Realise are also on-hand to be there when your job hunt gets you down. Either way, remember that your job search is not an island. Confidence also comes from other people!


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