Increased strength thanks to the armchair exercise classes

The armchair exercise classes at Mill Rise, Newcastle-under-Lyme have been a huge success! Jan, 66, who is a resident at Mill Rise has commented on the change in her strength since starting the classes.

Jan really struggled opening jars before attending the classes and also relied on family members with help opening jars and bottles. Since attended the classes, her strength has grown dramatically and she is now able to open jars without having to ask her grandson first!

The classes consist of gentle exercises which take place for around 45 minutes. There is a warm-up which then goes into moves which use specially designed bands to gently flex the muscles. The classes really help to increase stamina for the community living residents are even proving to help strengthen residents who have undergone operations!

Jan continues: “When I started the classes I could only do two sit and stands because my knees were so bad I can now do 8, I even did 10 the other week! I can now get up out of a chair mostly unaided, I used to struggle before.”

The armchair exercise classes have been a huge success at Mill Rise allowing residents to be more mobile and improving strength. Jan is now enjoying getting around more, and has even admitted practicing bits of the class every day!