Meet the team

Our Realise charity team are dedicated to making a difference to peoples lives in our communities. We work closely alongside volunteers, local businesses and people in Staffordshire to help combat poverty for generations to come.

Elaine Needham 

Realise charity Director


Sophia Snell

Charity Manager


Geoff Beadle 

Charity Programme Manager

Rob Halliwell 

Marketing Manager


Lauren Brammer

Marketing Assistant


Jasmine Hemmings

Charity Co-ordinator Apprentice

Our Realise Ambassadors 

A collection of like-minded people across we are aspire supporting charity aims

Patricia Harrington

Realise Ambassadors Chair


Our Realise Ambassadors help to promote the work of Realise charity within the we are aspire organisation and wider community. Our ambassadors are always dedicated to help initiatives and charity programmes.

Our Volunteers 

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we could not have helped members of our community without the fantastic support of our volunteers. Rain or shine, our volunteers have been out and about helping people with food shopping, picking up prescriptions, dog walking and more.

Many vulnerable members of our community have no family members and have had to isolate to keep safe, the service we have provided has been a lifeline to many people. We will continue to offer help and support for the people who need it.

Would you like to help volunteering? There are many people who still need our help.

See our volunteering page here for more information.

Realise - Alex
Realise - Pharmacy
Realise - Customer