About Us

The Realise charity is the Aspire charity. With gift aid from Achieve Training, donations from local people and business, Realise provides essential support to over 650 people in Staffordshire each year to progress in their education and gain employment.

We also support a number of progressive initiatives to improve neighbourhoods and disadvantaged communities; help people overcome barriers to skills, support people into employment, tackle health inequalities, and assist in the development of people’s confidence, independence and self-reliance.

The essential support we provide includes the provision of work wear, tool-kits, driving lessons, personal development training, creative artwork and environmental improvements.

We work together with Aspire Housing and Achieve Training to blend commercial expertise with social purpose, to revitalise communities by providing homes, training, employment and support.

Our vision is Building Better Futures

We know that our values have a major influence on our people and their behaviours and attitudes. We are committed to ensuring that our values are fundamental in helping our staff decide on the right course of action in all circumstances and with all stakeholders. We know that aligning the behaviours and attitudes to our stated vision and purpose is one of the key levers to successfully creating the right culture.