Major milestone for the charity

The Realise Foundation is celebrating changing the lives of 4000 people, a significant milestone for the young charity.

The charity which launched in 2010, helps young apprentices in Staffordshire access funding for driving lessons, tool kits, apprenticeship grants and clothingcheap windows 10 keyallowances.

This helping hand at the start their careers, makes sure the young people have everything they need to get ahead.

And 17-year-old Callum Abraham, the 4000th apprentice, has experienced these benefits for himself.

He said: “I heard about the Realise Foundation through PM Training, and I would recommend it to other young people because they can get everything sorted for you.

“They helped me with a toolkit and money for driving lessons. I passed my test and now I’ve got mywindowskeys own car to get to work.”

Callum, from Milton, is a heating and plumbing apprentice at Holdcroft Heating in Burslem and he is #proudtobe learning a trade.

He said: “I got good grades at school but I knew I wanted to do something hands-on and practical so an apprenticeship was the best choice for me. I can see a future career for me in this industry.”