Running man sets new fundraising target

Michael Beasley ran The Great Wall Marathon in China for Realise

Realise running man Michael Beasley is preparing to push himself to the limit during a 24 hour race.

The 54-year-old completed the gruelling Great Wall of China marathon in May, but not content with that, he is now testing his mettle at Endure 24 in Leeds on Saturday.

The race starts at 12noon and competitors must run for 24 hours until 12noon Sunday, covering as any miles as possible.

The course is a five mile woodland trail loop where 3,000 runners will do as many loops as possible, the record stands at 27 loops, or 135 miles for men and 26 loops, or 130 miles for women.

Father-of-one Michael, from Burslem, said: “I am still carrying a little injury and going to physiotherapy following the Great Wall of China, but this has not stopped me it has reduced the amount of miles I can do.

“I have not attempted Endure 24 before so I’ll be happy with between 50 – 80 miles but I’ll just have to see how my injury holds out.”

Michael added: “It’s important for me to raise as much money as I can for the Realise charity.

“Due to the amazing support of family, friends and the public I smashed my £1,000 target for the Great Wall of China, so I have increased it to £1,500. All the money will go to help individuals and communities ‘realise’ their potential in North Staffordshire.

“I am very proud of this area, its people and the opportunity to support the Realise charity.”

He has currently raised £1,160 and has set a new target of £1,500.

To support Michael please go to his fundraising page: