The Realise charity provides essential support to help people in Staffordshire to progress in their education and gain employment.

We also support a number of progressive initiatives to improve neighbourhoods and disadvantaged communities; help people overcome barriers to skills, support people into employment, tackle health inequalities, and assist in the development of people’s confidence, independence and self-reliance.

Below are examples of the essential support we provide including the provision of work wear, tool-kits, driving lessons, personal development training, creative artwork and environmental improvements.

Apprentice support

We provide financial support to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access apprenticeships and employment. Together with PM Training, we support apprentices in their first job, helping to reduce the number of young people locally who are at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

£500 supports a young person into work 

Driving ambition

We know that being able to drive can be an essential skill for young people. Being able to travel to work, have confidence, independence and apply for jobs improves peoples progression into employment.

We support young people and apprentices by match funding driving lessons.

£100 supports an apprentice with match funded driving lessons.

First impressions count

Attending an interview or the first day in a new job can be a life changing experience. We know that the little things make the difference and being confident in appearance goes a long way.

Our charity supports young people with grants for office clothing and other workplaces so they can feel confident they have the right work wear for their employment.

£100 supports an apprentice with a clothing allowance.

Tools for the job

For apprentices across Staffordshire, having the right tools on their first day is essential. Together with PM Training, we support apprentices with free tool kits ranging from the essentials for bricklayers to joiners and everything in between.

£100 supports an apprentice with a tool kit.

Digital access

We support the digital inclusion agenda helping people to overcome the challenges they face to go online. This can include access, skills, motivation and trust.   Digital inclusion is about overcoming all of these challenges together, not just one.

In this way people learn the skills to use the internet to improve their lives, wellbeing and independence.

Health and wellbeing

Alongside Aspire Housing, we support the five ways to Wellbeing and provide essential help to develop people’s confidence, independence and self-reliance. This is done through helping people overcome health inequalities, barriers to skills and employment.

Environmental improvements

We provide support of up to £10,000 to enhance communities through environmental projects and metal sculptural work through Artworks.

Environmental projects provide a physical and visual improvement to the local area and demonstrate the support of the majority of people directly affected in the local community.