Passing with flying colours thanks to Realise charity

Aspire Housing’s marketing apprentice Ben Webb-Rushton has recently had the success of passing his driving test thanks to support from Realise charity.

When Ben started his journey with PM Training, he knew by having a car it would of been easier to get to his place of work especially from his home in Longton. He received a total of £250 towards his lessons which meant that Ben was able to book his first lessons and put some aside for his driving test.

Ben was heavily reliant on bus travel for many months of his apprenticeship which got increasingly difficult with the distance of where he lived. Being able to put aside money from his driving lessons was also hard until Realise stepped in and helped.

Ben states: “Learning to drive as a young person is so difficult, in the past 10 years lessons have shot up to about £25 an hour. Realistically, on an apprenticeship wage, this is really hard to be able to afford.

I’m really grateful to the Realise charity for helping me to pass my driving test! They have also helped me with a clothing allowance and a grant. You don’t get support like this from many training providers or colleges so I’m very lucky to be part of this”.