Promoting healthy eating Get Togethers within communities

Realise charity has teamed up with Elite Staffordshire and the Soil Association to provide an interactive workshop for community groups to increase their confidence in leading cooking activities.

The Food For Life – Train The Trainers Workshop was delivered as part of the Get-Together programme and provided tips and advice for 10 people within our local community.

Jane Sixsmith, National Training Manager, at Food For Life said: “Sometimes people don’t know how to prepare vegetables and that prevents them from eating healthily. We can change that through these sessions which make people feel inspired, confident and informed. We’re able to pass on tips and skills for people to lead food activities in their communities”.

During the session, people from across different community organisations learned how to cook with vegetables and prepare ingredients for a winter-inspired stir-fry. They learned hands-on practical activity around leading cooking sessions with a reassuring, friendly and encouraging approach.

The workshop inspired healthy eating including eating more fruit and vegetables, learning about food safety, ingredients, different types of equipment and recipe selection.

Valerie Meakin, Regional Engagement Officer at Food For Life, said: “We’re sharing some fabulous healthy and nutritious recipes today. Everyone will be able to take these skills back into their community and promote healthy eating. Our Get-Togethers are all about bringing people together around food.”

Workshop attendee, Rebecca, said: “I went to catering school for three years and I’ve still learnt things from today. It’s brilliant”.

Following the workshop, people from within our communities are engaged and inspired to lead cook and eat sessions with their community groups. This is especially important for Elite Staffordshire, who’s activities provide valuable learning tools and life skills leading to living a safe, independent and meaningful life.

Geoff Beadle, Programme Manager for Realise charity said: “By working with local partners we’re able to spread the importance about healthy eating. These workshops provide our partners with the confidence and skills to pass on to more families in our communities.”