Realise charity’s Handyperson Service is serving the community

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly been a challenge for us all! For many people, it’s meant job uncertainty, not seeing loved ones and loneliness. But this didn’t stop our Handyman service from serving local charities and vulnerable members of the community safely.


Handyperson Alex Tildesley has been hard at work providing much-needed support to local Dougie Mac charity shops. Ready for re-opening Alex has used his time safely and independently to focus on projects in many of the retail shops such as painting displays, fixtures and fittings, office worktop installations, wall slat displays, pens built to hold donations, concealment of pipework, bespoke office desks created, toilet repairs, gate repairs, uprights for display units fitting and so much more.

The Handyperson service is funded by Realise charity to offer help to local charities, Dougie Mac and Donna Louise. The service helps charity volunteers to work in a safe, stable and practical environment which provides the best use of space with effective storage to allow easier trading. The Coronavirus pandemic has allowed Alex to dedicate his time to multiple shops, helping them to look their best ready to reopen to the public. Due to losses in sales and difficulties receiving donations from members of the public during Covid-19, we understand that these services are invaluable to keeping these charity shops trading and keeping volunteers and customers safe.

Alex has also offered his services to members of the community who are in need. During the start of the pandemic, he helped to assist a vulnerable family to install a washing machine. This was met with much appreciation and incredible gratitude for his hard work. Alex has even been of assistance to the Aspire Housing team offering his help with aids and adaptations for Aspire Housing tenants. During a time of uncertainty, his help and hard work have been invaluable to many people and we would like to thank Alex for putting himself forward to help others and local charities.


I like working and I love helping people. There are so many vulnerable people suffering who have had their difficulties exacerbated by the pandemic. I’m so proud to of been of service, helping local charities and the community when needed. – Alex Tildesley

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