Research employers with confidence

Research employers with confidence

When applying for a job, knowing the employer is as important as knowing you’re right for the job. Finding out about an employer gives you the confidence you will be a good fit and helps you stand out in your application.

Here are our top tips on using employer research to gain confidence when applying for jobs.

Who are they

Firstly, check out their ‘About Us’ page on their website, this will explain the basics about their business, their values and the environment they work it. You’ll also find out about how they treat their employees with things like benefits, staff away days and whether or not they have a slide in the canteen. All this helps you to work out if it is a place you’d like to work.

Speak in their language

Using your research can help you in interviews and applications. You can align your answers to their business needs. It means you’ll be able to show why you fit the role and allow you to show off how well informed you are about their business.

Be like them

When researching an employer, you can get a feel for the language they use and what their brand stands for. You can use this language in your CV, application and interview. Perhaps even using examples from your research to enhance your answers.

It’s always a great tip to start following your potential new employer on social media so you can see first hand the type of content they share, the things they talk about and what they have been doing. 

News, News, News

By following an employer on social media, you can research if they have won any awards, launched a new product, or been in the newspaper recently – this is all-powerful research you can use in answers and questions at the interview stage.

Expand your network

By connecting with your potential employer on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, not only does this provide you with a research opportunity, but it shows that you are willing to learn about them. It can also help expand your professional network, which can always open other doors you maybe hadn’t thought about before. 

Using these tips, you will feel more confident talking about a potential employer either in an interview or on an application form. 

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