School uniforms for 150 local families

During 2018, Realise charity took part in a fantastic project with Silverdale Eilm Church to provide 150 free school uniforms for local families in the area.

The prices of school uniforms have always been expensive, many schools require the proper school branding on clothing which restricts families from being able to purchase things from supermarkets at cheaper prices.

Children and families outreach coordinator, Michelle, was referred to the Realise charity for help offering these services to families in the community. After combining donations from Realise, with help from the local council and congregation members of the public. Local families were able to benefit from this amazing service, taking away a lot of the financial pressure.

For families that have 2 or more children the struggle financially for uniforms can be very hard. Especially as some schools move towards academy status often meaning a change in the design of the uniform.

Michelle stated: “Straight away we said yes, let’s do it! Let’s provide free, quality uniforms for families in our communities!”

One of the little boys whose family benefited from the scheme stated:  “Look, Michelle, I look smart because of the school uniform my mum got from you!”

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