Support for successful apprentice, Kyle Burke

16-year-old Kyle Burke has found employment and so much more thanks to the work of the Realise charity and it’s dedication to supporting young people.

When Kyle finished school he had his heart set on an apprenticeship and learning a trade. He is no stranger to a difficult upbringing and challenges but has proven his determination and with support has been guided down a path where opportunities and support are available. Despite a few setbacks, he hasn’t let his experience deter him.

Kyle joined PM Training with the aspirations of learning bricklaying.

He says: “I was really passionate about it and wanted to pursue a career. I had quite a few issues at home which sometimes influenced by attendance and I was often tired but the support from the team was great.”

After having his phone smashed, Realise charity and PM Training quickly helped Kyle with a new pay-as-you-go phone, breakfasts and sandwiches.

Kyle continues: “I also got some money for essentials and clothes which has really helped.

They helped me to get on a Housing List which was unexpected and I’m looking forward to getting a place of my own.”

Following hard work and the right attitude, Kyle excelled and managed to get a number of interviews for apprenticeships all adding to his experience. He is now working towards a manufacturing apprenticeship with Caterham Marble and Granite on a work trial and is progressing well after being after his first year in the role.

“Kyle has improved so much since he started and is picking up lots of skills in his apprenticeship,” says Gabby Knight, staff member at PM Training.

He says: “All the staff at PM and Realise didn’t give up on me and I’m enjoying my new role and future career prospects”.