Learners make waves in digital workshop

Realise charity funds digital workshop for PM Training learners with Wavemaker

Young people are getting digital thanks to a Realise charity-funded programme.

A group of 17 pre-apprenticeship learners have started a five-week introduction to skills like coding, programming, digital design and social media.

The crash course with Wavemaker in Hanley has been funded by a generous donation to the Realise charity from bespoke office interior design and installation company, Planned Office Interiors.

Learning digital skills will help to shine a light on career opportunities in the tech industry, like data analysis or computer engineering.

Here, four learners explain why they are loving their digital crash course:

Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson - Learner from PM Training at Wavemaker digital workshop

Courtney Johnson, aged 16 from Norton, said: “There are no bad bits about PM Training or Wavemaker, all the staff are easy to get on with and nobody judges you.

“I think I want to work in customer service, so I wanted to get some real skills through things like these digital workshops, which will help me get a job.”

Brandon Muldoon

Brandon Muldoon - Learner from PM Training at Wavemaker digital workshop

Brandon Muldoon, aged 18, from Bentilee, said: “I’d tried different colleges but I wasn’t getting anything from them. I heard about PM Training through friends and came to an open evening.

“It’s much better than college, all the staff are more friendly and helpful.”

Remi Green

Remi Green - Learner from PM Training at Wavemaker digital workshop

Remi Green, aged 17, from Burslem, said: “I didn’t want to sit in a classroom all day. At PM Training you go to exciting places like Wavemaker, learning by doing hands on work.

“The staff are very friendly and they just want the best for you. You do not get that anywhere else.”

Kieran Tudor

Kieran Tudor - Learner from PM Training at Wavemaker digital workshop

Kieran Tudor, aged 17, from Tunstall, said: “Originally, I wanted to be a personal trainer but the job prospects aren’t great.

“Now I’m learning all sorts of new things. It helps to be able to try different types of work before you make up your mind.”