Our purpose. Supporting People into Employment.

We’re here to help find and fund the training, education and life skills people in our communities need right now to support them into employment. 

We are a community anchor organisation, investing our resources and working in partnership with local community groups and partners for maximum impact. 

Our programmes help people to overcome barriers to employment, support education, skills and raise aspirations so communities can thrive.

Building job skills for people across Newcastle-under-Lyme and Staffordshire.

We focus on:

  • Increasing the number of people who can access employment or training
  • Supporting people to overcome barriers to sustainable and high-quality employment
  • Supporting our communities to thrive

 100% of our investments will be dedicated to projects that:

  • Improve life chances for young people 
  • Help people of all ages into work or back into work 

As the charitable arm of we are aspire, we work together with Aspire Housing, Achieve Training and local partners to supporting people into employment.

Our strategy 2021-2024

We focus our resources on achieving two specific objectives:

  1. To increase the number of people who can access employment or training
  2. To reduce the spatial inequalities between the wards within our region and develop and empower the talent in our communities to be competitive at a national level.

Our core themes are

Employment support

Improving literacy skills

Enhancing digital skills

Wellbeing and mental health

Boost your job skills

How your donations are spent


Could provide a phone call to provide advice and guidance on employment opportunities


Could provide books to local school children to encourage literacy skills.


Could help someone unemployed to improve their skills through volunteering.


Could help someone gain a new qualification to support employment.


Could help an apprentice in their first job with essential support.


Could provide wellbeing sessions to help people overcome barriers to employment.

Employment Tips